DIY Taggie Blanket


In the last few weeks I’ve started to get ready for baby boy here and there a little and decided to make him a taggie blanket after we found out he was a he and I knew what colors to use! ūüôā ¬†I’ve made a couple in the past for M and my niece and I’m always surprised by how simple they are to make and it seems that all babies love them!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Material – I like to use the minky dot fabric that you can find at any fabric store in a wide array of colors. ¬†I think it’s super soft and cuddly, perfect for baby! ¬†For an 18″x18″ blanket, you’ll need 2, 20″x20″ squares of material. ¬†A half yard will be more than enough!
  • Ribbon – I put 3 taggies per side about every 3 inches or so. ¬†Therefore I used 12 ribbons, 4-5″ in length, depending on how far out you want them to stick from the blanket. ¬†You can use any variety of ribbon that you’d like. ¬†I like to try and find different widths and textures to use!
  • A sewing machine (or thread and a needle if you want to go old school!)
  • Straight pins


Here’s what to do:

  1. Using fabric shears, cut 2, 20″x20″ squares of material

photo 1

¬† ¬† ¬†2. ¬† Cut ribbon into 12, 4-5″ pieces

photo 2

¬† ¬†3. ¬† On the top side of one of the pieces of material, use straight pins to pin the ribbons in tags every 3″. ¬†Try to not let ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†the corner tags¬†overlap (if they do, move all the tags towards the middle a little bit)

photo 3

¬† ¬†4. ¬† Now you’re ready to sew! ¬†Pin the material right side to right side, in other words raised dots to raised dots (because you’ll be turning it right-side out when you finish). ¬†Sew about a half inch in from the edge, paying close attention to the tags on the inside as you go. ¬†Make sure they stay straight and don’t forget to pull out the straight pins as you go! ¬†Sew all the way around the blanket leaving about 4″ open on the last side (so that you can turn the blanket right-side out).


   5.   Flip the blanket right-side out through the opening you left while sewing, shaking as you go to ensure that all the corners are completely unfolded.


¬† ¬†6. ¬† After the blanket is flipped the right way, hand stitch or sew the opening closed. ¬†That’s all there is to it!


Trust me, I am NOT a seamstress/sewer/anything of that sort and so if I can manage this, you can too!! ¬†What a perfect gift for a baby shower or new baby’s arrival – your friends and family will adore¬†this little handmade blanket¬†full of love!