“Put on your ears, it’s time for cheers!” – Throwback Thursday

In honor of Throwback Thursday today, I thought I would share some photos from Miss M’s birthday party at the end of last summer!  At the time she was in love with Minnie Mouse (she’s since moved on to Sofia the First – ah the joys of the Disney Channel!) so we thought it was fitting to do a Minnie themed birthday party.  In an attempt to saving some money I made most of the decor… with the help of some supplies and equipment from our local scrapbooking store it was actually pretty easy!


My mom has a cupcake business and made all the cupcakes and her smash cake – they were so cute and so simple to decorate – fondant bows and mini Oreos for the ears!


bow cupcakes



I made a memory board highlighting all the things I wanted to remember about her as a one-year-old.

Her birthday hat! :)

   Her birthday hat! 🙂


How cute is this wooden number covered in scrapbook paper and embellishments?!


Did you know you can download the Disney font off the internet?!

And I can’t forget to show you her birthday gift from Mommy & Daddy… her first car!!  She got her very own ‘Minniemobile’!!  It was completely DYI and oh so easy to do.  All you need is a Cozy Coupe (we found one in good shape at a garage sale), spray paint (black and white), some sort of circle shaped stencil (we just used some cardboard) and of course the ears (ours came from a local party store).  About a half hour of manual labor (thanks to grandma and grandpa for helping out) and this is what you get:


She's ready to roll!

She’s ready to roll!

It was a great day and we had such a good time celebrating our pumpkin’s first year of life with all our family and friends… now it’s time to start thinking about what to do this year… 🙂