Is it Spring yet?!

Well friends, here we go again!  After a brief warm up last week we are being hit with yet another blast of “arctic air” here in the Midwest.  As temperatures drop dangerously close to 0 and wind chills go well below 0, many of us are left wondering IS IT SPRING YET?! I’m one of those people who loves the fact that I live in a region of seasons; the hope and renewal of Spring, warmth of the sun in Summer, wonderful colors and crisp air of Fall and the beauty of snowfall in Winter.  That being said, I am also one of those people that when it comes to Winter, I’m ready for Spring the day after Christmas!

In a desperate attempt to find some evidence of a reprieve I did a little research this morning on our forecast… as far as the eye can see (well actually for the next 10 days which is all the farther out goes with their forecast) there’s not a whole lot of change, folks.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

However, I did stumble across the Farmers’ Almanac’s prediction for this spring, so here you go:

In the Midwest & Great Lakes region, the opening days of spring will bring variable cloudiness, followed by a storm bringing rain and wet snow to eastern Kentucky and Ohio. April will be unrelentingly wet, despite a string of unseasonably warm days in the middle of the month. Wet weather will continue into May, warming up toward the end of the month.

I don’t know about you, but all I have to say is bring on mid-April!!!  Sigh… I guess we’ll just continue on trying to combat this cabin fever that seems to be settling in for the long haul.  It’s time to get crafty and creative the the kiddos!  Stay tuned for some great ideas on how to get through these long winter days!

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of what’s to come!


spring 6