Happiness Happens

In honor of National Happiness Happens Day last Friday, I’m joining Happy Family Organic Superfoods and bloggers all across the country to share how happiness happens in my life!


Happiness happens… when I’m surrounded by my family.

Happiness happens… as I lay in bed each morning cuddling miss M.

Happiness happens… during Saturday morning shopping trips with my mom and sister.

Happiness happens… on date nights with my hubby (that don’t happen often but are always special).

Happiness happens… playing games around the kitchen table with family and friends.

Happiness happens… watching my toddler learn new things everyday and her little personality take shape.

Happiness happens… each day that I get to live out my dream of being a stay-at-home mom.

Happiness happens… spending time outside soaking up the sunshine.

Happiness happens… in the quiet promise of each new morning.

Happiness happens… after a long day when the baby’s tucked into bed and hubby and I are laying on the couch watching a movie.

Happiness happens… watching the love my little girl has for her gamma, papa, aunt sissy and uncle buddy.

Happiness happens… in the hope of new life and the gift of tomorrow.

Happiness happens… in the newness of Spring.

Happiness happens… during the warm, sunshine filled days of Summer.

Happiness happens… as the leaves change colors and the scent of apples and pumpkins fill the crisp Fall air.

Happiness happens… in the quiet beauty of snowfall, during the hustle and bustle of the season as we celebrate the real reason for Christmas.

Happiness happens… every single day because of my beautiful little girl, husband and family.

Happiness happens… as a result of the immense blessings I’ve been given.

But most of all… 

Happiness happens… because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for all of our sins, the hope of my salvation through that and the assurance of my place in Heaven someday!


I hope this has inspired you to consider the happiness in your life!  Have a Happy day! 🙂


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