Cute & Easy DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Although it isn’t quite Spring yet officially, the last few days have definitely felt like Spring here in our neck of the woods.  I don’t know about you, but the warmer weather and sunny days have a way of lifting my mood and brightening everyone’s attitudes it seems, and I LOVE it!  The nicer weather has also gotten me in the Easter spirit, and although I’m careful to not let it overshadow the true reason we celebrate, I love the bright colors of all the eggs and bunny decor!

I’ve been looking for something new to put on the front door – a wreath or cute door hanging.  I came across the idea to make an egg wreath out of embroidery floss and so I decided to give it a try and it was super duper easy and I love how it turned out!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • several colors of embroidery floss – you’ll use one whole skein per egg
  • water balloons
  • liquid fabric stiffener
  • wax paper
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon for hanging


This is all there is to it:

  • blow up several water balloons (the number will depend on how big you want your wreath, whether you want it double rows or just one like mine, how big your balloons are, etc. – so you’ll probably just want to arrange the balloons into your wreath shape until you get it the way you want and then you’ll be done! :))
  • chose a color of floss to start with and apply the fabric stiffener as you are wrapping it around the balloon – wrap the entire skein around the balloon before moving on to the next color/new balloon
  • set on wax paper to dry overnight – you may have to rotate/turn them over if the other side isn’t completely hardened/dried
  • once they’re completely hardened, pop the balloon – now you have your eggs!!
  • arrange them into the shape of the wreath that you want and then one by one hot glue them together
  • attach a ribbon to hang
  • THAT’S IT!


Now for some tips that I learned along the way!!

  • Don’t try to put the entire skein of floss in the fabric stiffener all at once.  One tutorial that I read online said to do this, except they either failed to mention or I just did it wrong, but all it did was clump together and get tangled up creating a huge mess!  So DON’T DO THIS:


  • Instead, dip your pointer finger and thumb into the fabric stiffener and apply it to the floss between those two fingers as you are wrapping the floss around the balloon:


  • Cover your entire working area with wax paper!  This fabric stiffener is kinda messy and unless you’re a super neat crafter (unlike me!) wax paper will make your clean up much easier and quicker! 😉
  • Wear gloves – again because of the messy/easy clean up factor
  • Wrap the floss in all different directions to create a neat spider web type of look.  Although come to think of it, you could start and the top and wrap it all one way or the other and you’d probably end up with neat eggs that way as well!
  • Less is more in terms of the fabric stiffener.  You want to use enough to make sure it sticks, but your egg shouldn’t be dripping in the stuff!
  • Buy your fabric stiffener with a coupon!  It’s only like $7 for a huge bottle, but the embroidery floss is only 40 cents each, so with a coupon on your fabric stiffener you can make this wreath for well under $10!

Alrighty, there you have it!  My quick and easy take on a cute wreath for the front door! Happy crafting! 🙂




Car Seat Safety: Tips & Guidelines for Keeping Your Kiddos Safe in the Car!

car seat

Okay so I know that I’m a bit extreme when it comes to some things pertaining to M’s safety, but in this day in age what with social media circulating tragic stories, hospitals sending home information with new parents and all the easy access to information on the internet, I feel like people must be living under some sort of rock to not understand car seat safety!!  I mean doesn’t everyone know that babies are safest rear facing and that not only is it the law, but it’s also the safest practice to keep your kids in car seats/buckled up while riding in the car?!  Apparently not!!!  In the past 2 weeks I’ve seen 2 instances where kids were’t safely buckled in: in one situation a mom was holding her child on her lap while driving…and the little girl could have only been about 3 at most!  In the other situation, another little girl, this time probably 5 or 6, was walking back and forth between the middle row of seats and 3rd row in the van in front of me…while they were driving down the road!  And then on a 16 and Pregnant episode one of the girls had her 8 month old baby forward facing in his car seat!!!  What is wrong with people?!

So, I’ve done a little research and put together some information just in case you are looking for guidelines to follow for keeping your little ones safe in the car!

Child safety seats can reduce fatal injury by 71 percent for infants and by 54 percent for toddlers, ages 1-4.” -National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Car Seat Guidelines Based on Age & Size

It is important to note that car seat laws vary state by state, but in my state the law reads as follows:

-A child under 1 year old who weighs less than 20 lbs. must be secured in a rear-facing child restraint system.
-A child under 6 years old must be secured in a safety seat or booster seat. A seat belt alone is not appropriate.
-Children between 6 years old and 11 years old must be secured in a child restraint system or by a safety belt.
-All children under 18 years old must wear a seat belt.

However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should “keep their toddlers in rear-facing car seats until age 2, or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. It also advises that most children will need to ride in a belt-positioning booster seat until they have reached 4 feet 9 inches tall and are between 8 and 12 years of age.” – See more at:

A rear-facing child safety seat does a better job of supporting the head, neck and spine of infants and toddlers in a crash, because it distributes the force of the collision over the entire body.  For larger children, a forward-facing seat with a harness is safer than a booster, and a belt-positioning booster seat provides better protection than a seat belt alone until the seat belt fits correctly.” -Dr. Dennis Durbin, MD, FAAP


Types of Car Seats 

Rear facing – Birth-2 yrs (or longer) – it is best to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible.  Children should remain rear facing until they outgrow the weight or height restrictions for rear facing in your particular car seat as established by your car seat manufacturer.

Forward facing – 2 yrs (or older)-7 yrs – once your child has outgrown the weight or height restrictions for your rear facing car seat they should be in a forward facing, 5 point harness car seat.  They should remain this way until they reach the weight or height restrictions for your car seat.  At this point they will move into a booster seat.

Booster seat – 5 yrs (or older) – 12 yrs – children should be secured in a booster seat using your car’s seat buckle once they have outgrown the weight or height restrictions for your forward facing car seat.  They should remain this way until they are big enough that your car’s seat belt fits them properly. “For a seat belt to fit properly, the lap belt must lie snugly across the upper thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should lie snugly across the shoulder and chest and not cross the neck or face.” (Parents Central)

Remember: ALL children under the age of 18 should ride in the backseat at all times safely secured by a car seat or seat belt.

New research has found children are safer in rear-facing car seats. A 2007 study in the journal Injury Prevention showed that children under age 2 are 75 percent less likely to die or be severely injured in a crash if they are riding rear-facing. -American Academy of Pediatrics

Tips for Keeping Your Kiddos Safe

  • Have your car seat installed by a professional!  “While 96 percent of parents and caregivers believe their child safety seats are installed correctly, research shows that 7 out of 10 children are improperly restrained.” (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)  Call your local hospital, police station or use Google to find certified car seat installation experts in your area.
  • Make sure your child is secured correctly in their car seat.  Shoulder straps should be over their shoulders starting slightly below the shoulders in the back, chest clips should be level with their armpits and the straps should be tight enough so as to not be able to pinch any material between your fingers.


  • Don’t use after market products on your car seat.  This includes head supports, vehicle seat covers, shoulder strap cushions, etc.  These things aren’t crash tested with your particular car seat, therefore your child might not be as safe when they’re being used.
  • Don’t bundle your child when they’re in their car seat!!!  This is a big one, especially here in the Midwest where it gets cold!  Rather than bundling up your babe, you’re better off to warm up the car and dress them in warm, thin clothing covered with blankets.  Or, you can safely buckle your child in and then put their arms through their coat backwards so that it is covering the front of them.  One last idea would be to make (or buy) a blanket poncho that can go over their head but be flipped up in the back so as to not be under the child/straps.  (Side note – this is what I did… it was super easy to make using a blanket that we already had!)  In order to allow your child to fit in their car seat with a big bulky coat on, you’ll have to loosen their straps.  In the event of a car accident, the coat will compress leaving an unsafe amount of space between your baby and the straps of their car seat.


  • In the event of a car accident, replace your car seat immediately!  Many people don’t realize that even the smallest fender bender can compromise the safety of your child’s car seat.  No matter how big or small of an accident that you get into, it is important to replace the car seat!  If you turn in a claim to your insurance company, most of the time they will cover the cost of the replacement car seat.
  • Check your car seat’s expiration date.  Did you know that your car seat expires??  It is important to pay attention to the expiration of your car seat to ensure your child’s safety.  Expiration dates vary depending on the car seat manufacturer and can typically be found on the car seat itself.  If not, there should be a manufacture date and you can look on your seat’s manufacturer website to determine the length of time before your seat expires.


For more information on car seat safety, visit the following websites!

American Academy of Pediatrics

Parents Central

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


The Car Seat Lady

Happy New Year!

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones celebrating the birth of our Savior!

This year was especially fun for us because M finally understood the concept of tearing off the wrapping paper (or in her case gently removing it piece by piece) to reveal what’s inside.  She was so funny because she would try to “guess” what each thing was.  The best part about her guessing?  No matter the size or shape, she would always say “underpants??”  HA!  She just potty trained right after Thanksgiving so we’ve been buying a lot of undies in the last few weeks.  Consequently she assumed everything she was about to open was that!  Turns out maybe we could’ve just stocked up on undies and she would’ve been happy as a clam.  Who knew?!  Here’s a couple snapshots of our little love all dressed up and ready for Christmas Eve church!

image photo

This past weekend, thanks to my brother-in-law, hubby and dad, baby boy’s nursery got painted!  yay!  And yesterday my mom, sister and I spent time setting it up and decorating.  It’s not quite finished yet so stay tuned for a completed picture, but so far it has turned out really cute!  I kinda love it!  This also meant that we made the big transition with M from crib to big girl bed!!!  She’s only slept in it one night so far, but she did great!!  She’s never been a particularly great sleeper, i.e. comes into our bed most nights between 5-6 and co-sleeps the rest of the night, but I wasn’t sure what to expect when she moved into her new bed where she could get out on her own!  Turns out she still slept her version of all night!  Sometime shortly before 5 I awoke to her standing in our doorway!  So we considered her first night a success!  Hopefully the next several follow suit!  Okay, okay here’s a tiny sneak peek of baby boy’s room as my mom was putting his bedding in his crib:


As 2015 begins I can’t help but look back over the past year and marvel in the many blessings we’ve received.  A beautiful, healthy little girl who I swear gets smarter and more fun every single day, a baby boy on the way and a smooth, problem-free, easy pregnancy, the health and happiness of all our family, a new job for my hubby, the sweetest baby niece ever!, the love and mercy of Jesus every single day… I could go on and on!  I can’t wait for another year of this wonderful life I’ve been given and I hope you find yourselves feeling the same way!


27 Weeks…and the dreaded glucose test :(

Last Sunday marked 27 weeks!!  I can’t believe in another week I will already be in my 3rd trimester!  YIKES!  This pregnancy is flying by…and I am so NOT ready for baby boy!  Good thing I have another few months left!

I was able to check ‘decide on a nursery theme’ off our list in the last couple weeks which has been good because now we can get going on putting his room together!  With M I knew all along what I wanted her nursery to look like, but this time around I struggled to find something that I really loved.  We ended up deciding on a basic navy, white and light blue pattern of stripes.  It’s super cute and I can’t wait to share the final product with you!  Hubby and my mom have all week next week off so once we get through Christmas, it’s operation put together baby’s room.  As excited as I am for this, I’m not going to lie I’m also a little sad.  You see in order to set up his room, we have to move the crib in there…which means moving it out of M’s room!!  Can it be possible that my baby girl is really ready to be in a big girl bed?!  AHHH!!!!  That makes this mama a little sad!  But we’re trying to get her excited about it (and get her used to it wayyyy before he gets here) so pray for us that the transition goes smoothly (both for M and mommy and daddy! :))

Anywho, yesterday I had my 4-week check up with my midwife.  Everything went great and baby boy is growing and his little heartbeat sounded fabulous.  Hooray!  Along with my check-up I had to have my blood drawn to measure my hemoglobin levels and for the glucose test.  Now, in my humble opinion this whole glucose test thing is one of the worst parts of pregnancy!!!!  I’m serious!  I hate it!  That drink is just plain terrible!  I may or may not have had a bad experience with M (I failed the 1 hour, had to do the 3 hour, threw it all up about an hour in, had to reschedule and go back a couple days later to do it all over again, only to throw up again…. sigh…. long story short I got through it and passed, and lived to tell the story! :)) but perhaps this contributed to my dread and doom these last few days leading up to it yesterday.  So I did a bunch of research ahead of time and talked to my midwife, found out I needed to schedule my appointment early in the morning (because apparently your body processes things better early in the day), ate a protein full breakfast, may or may not have only drank 3/4 of the crap and away I went to my appointment.  I was determined to pass this time on the first try!!!………  and then I didn’t. 😦  So… it’s off to the 3 hour test next week…wish me luck!  Does anyone have any tried and true tips or tricks for me?!  PS – did you know that nearly 1/4 of women fail the 1 hour test, yet only 2-5% end up actually having gestational diabetes!?  UGH!

27 weeks


DIY Taggie Blanket


In the last few weeks I’ve started to get ready for baby boy here and there a little and decided to make him a taggie blanket after we found out he was a he and I knew what colors to use! 🙂  I’ve made a couple in the past for M and my niece and I’m always surprised by how simple they are to make and it seems that all babies love them!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Material – I like to use the minky dot fabric that you can find at any fabric store in a wide array of colors.  I think it’s super soft and cuddly, perfect for baby!  For an 18″x18″ blanket, you’ll need 2, 20″x20″ squares of material.  A half yard will be more than enough!
  • Ribbon – I put 3 taggies per side about every 3 inches or so.  Therefore I used 12 ribbons, 4-5″ in length, depending on how far out you want them to stick from the blanket.  You can use any variety of ribbon that you’d like.  I like to try and find different widths and textures to use!
  • A sewing machine (or thread and a needle if you want to go old school!)
  • Straight pins


Here’s what to do:

  1. Using fabric shears, cut 2, 20″x20″ squares of material

photo 1

     2.   Cut ribbon into 12, 4-5″ pieces

photo 2

   3.   On the top side of one of the pieces of material, use straight pins to pin the ribbons in tags every 3″.  Try to not let          the corner tags overlap (if they do, move all the tags towards the middle a little bit)

photo 3

   4.   Now you’re ready to sew!  Pin the material right side to right side, in other words raised dots to raised dots (because you’ll be turning it right-side out when you finish).  Sew about a half inch in from the edge, paying close attention to the tags on the inside as you go.  Make sure they stay straight and don’t forget to pull out the straight pins as you go!  Sew all the way around the blanket leaving about 4″ open on the last side (so that you can turn the blanket right-side out).


   5.   Flip the blanket right-side out through the opening you left while sewing, shaking as you go to ensure that all the corners are completely unfolded.


   6.   After the blanket is flipped the right way, hand stitch or sew the opening closed.  That’s all there is to it!


Trust me, I am NOT a seamstress/sewer/anything of that sort and so if I can manage this, you can too!!  What a perfect gift for a baby shower or new baby’s arrival – your friends and family will adore this little handmade blanket full of love!


It’s been awhile… here’s what we’ve been up to!

Well hello there strangers!  It’s been awhile since my last post.  We’ve been pretty busy around here getting through the start of the holidays with the month of November and Thanksgiving, followed by my very favorite time of the year CHRISTMASTIME!  I decided I needed to set aside some time to reconnect with you all on here and fill you in on what’s new!

The biggest (and most exciting!) thing is the announcement we made to our friends and family at the end of October:



That’s right.. we’re pregnant… with a little BOY!

photo-11 10632862_10100112172776991_4967567708348590161_n

We’re so excited for him to make his arrival this spring.  My official due date is sometime the last week or so of March.  Although if he follows in his big sister’s footsteps, don’t expect him to be here until at least the last couple days of the month, if not the first part of April!!!  But, a girl can hope he’ll be on time, right?! (I don’t know what I say this, I know that he’ll arrive at just the right time for him, regardless of the date on the calendar!) 🙂

M is very excited to be a big sister!  She frequently talks to him in my belly, assumes anything blue is for “baby brother” and has even mastered saying his name.  She’s going to be such a big helper when he gets here!

So there you have it, my excuse for not blogging lately!  (it’s a good excuse, right?!) But seriously being pregnant while chasing after a 2-year-old and almost 5-month-old (I watch my niece during the day) wears a girl out!!  I can’t really complain though because other than a 7ish week bout of all day sickness (what’s this just in the morning business?!?!), I’ve been extremely blessed in that my pregnancy has been a breeze and has flown by so far!!!

So bring on the pregnancy posts, updates and baby bump pics!!

25 weeks


1 Recipe + 2 Craft Ideas…Kind of…

I’m on a recipe kick lately I guess because I have another one for you today!  It’s my favorite kind of meal: crock pot!  And on top of that, it’s pasta…which is even better!

The thing I love about crock pot/slow cooker meals is that you throw everything together, turn it on and forget about it until dinner time.  Super easy, fairly “mess less” and perfect for any night.  This particular recipe is one that both the hubby and I agreed is probably one of the yummiest crock pot meals out there!

Creamy Tomato Tortellini (in the crock pot!)


What you’ll need:

1 bag (20 oz) frozen cheese tortellini

1 cup fresh spinach

1 can Italian style diced tomatoes, drained

3/4 block of cream cheese, softened and chunked up

1/2 lb. meatballs or sausage, cooked

3 cups chicken or vegetable broth, add an additional cup if needed

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

Seasonings: garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning blend

What you’ll do:

Combine all the ingredients in the crock pot and cook on low for 4 hours.  That’s it!!! MMMM!


Changing gears a bit to craft time!  Have you even had a Pinterest fail?  That’s what happened with our craft a couple weeks ago.  Hence the “kind of” part of 2 crafts…since one didn’t really turn out so well.  I’ve seen examples of “apple stamping” all over.  Ya know, where you cut up an apple, dip it in paint and stamp it on paper?  So it seemed like a seasonally appropriate craft for M to try.  The problem?  No matter how many times I tried I apparently couldn’t cut a straight edge on my apple…therefore her artwork didn’t reveal very many “apple like” stamps.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me??  Oh well!  She still had fun!

apple stamping

Last week we made these cute little scarecrows out of popsicle sticks!  I happened to already have colored sticks, so we didn’t even have to mess with that part!  But if you don’t, all you have to do is have your kiddos paint or color the sticks before you start gluing them together.  The craft is pretty self explanatory using googly eyes, pipe cleaners for hair, construction paper for the nose and a little pom pom decoration for the hat.  Just a little tip: if you glue the popsicle sticks to a piece of sturdy paper it assembles much easier! 🙂


Check back tomorrow for this week’s craft!  It’ll be a fun one!