Happy New Year!

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones celebrating the birth of our Savior!

This year was especially fun for us because M finally understood the concept of tearing off the wrapping paper (or in her case gently removing it piece by piece) to reveal what’s inside.  She was so funny because she would try to “guess” what each thing was.  The best part about her guessing?  No matter the size or shape, she would always say “underpants??”  HA!  She just potty trained right after Thanksgiving so we’ve been buying a lot of undies in the last few weeks.  Consequently she assumed everything she was about to open was that!  Turns out maybe we could’ve just stocked up on undies and she would’ve been happy as a clam.  Who knew?!  Here’s a couple snapshots of our little love all dressed up and ready for Christmas Eve church!

image photo

This past weekend, thanks to my brother-in-law, hubby and dad, baby boy’s nursery got painted!  yay!  And yesterday my mom, sister and I spent time setting it up and decorating.  It’s not quite finished yet so stay tuned for a completed picture, but so far it has turned out really cute!  I kinda love it!  This also meant that we made the big transition with M from crib to big girl bed!!!  She’s only slept in it one night so far, but she did great!!  She’s never been a particularly great sleeper, i.e. comes into our bed most nights between 5-6 and co-sleeps the rest of the night, but I wasn’t sure what to expect when she moved into her new bed where she could get out on her own!  Turns out she still slept her version of all night!  Sometime shortly before 5 I awoke to her standing in our doorway!  So we considered her first night a success!  Hopefully the next several follow suit!  Okay, okay here’s a tiny sneak peek of baby boy’s room as my mom was putting his bedding in his crib:


As 2015 begins I can’t help but look back over the past year and marvel in the many blessings we’ve received.  A beautiful, healthy little girl who I swear gets smarter and more fun every single day, a baby boy on the way and a smooth, problem-free, easy pregnancy, the health and happiness of all our family, a new job for my hubby, the sweetest baby niece ever!, the love and mercy of Jesus every single day… I could go on and on!  I can’t wait for another year of this wonderful life I’ve been given and I hope you find yourselves feeling the same way!



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