27 Weeks…and the dreaded glucose test :(

Last Sunday marked 27 weeks!!  I can’t believe in another week I will already be in my 3rd trimester!  YIKES!  This pregnancy is flying by…and I am so NOT ready for baby boy!  Good thing I have another few months left!

I was able to check ‘decide on a nursery theme’ off our list in the last couple weeks which has been good because now we can get going on putting his room together!  With M I knew all along what I wanted her nursery to look like, but this time around I struggled to find something that I really loved.  We ended up deciding on a basic navy, white and light blue pattern of stripes.  It’s super cute and I can’t wait to share the final product with you!  Hubby and my mom have all week next week off so once we get through Christmas, it’s operation put together baby’s room.  As excited as I am for this, I’m not going to lie I’m also a little sad.  You see in order to set up his room, we have to move the crib in there…which means moving it out of M’s room!!  Can it be possible that my baby girl is really ready to be in a big girl bed?!  AHHH!!!!  That makes this mama a little sad!  But we’re trying to get her excited about it (and get her used to it wayyyy before he gets here) so pray for us that the transition goes smoothly (both for M and mommy and daddy! :))

Anywho, yesterday I had my 4-week check up with my midwife.  Everything went great and baby boy is growing and his little heartbeat sounded fabulous.  Hooray!  Along with my check-up I had to have my blood drawn to measure my hemoglobin levels and for the glucose test.  Now, in my humble opinion this whole glucose test thing is one of the worst parts of pregnancy!!!!  I’m serious!  I hate it!  That drink is just plain terrible!  I may or may not have had a bad experience with M (I failed the 1 hour, had to do the 3 hour, threw it all up about an hour in, had to reschedule and go back a couple days later to do it all over again, only to throw up again…. sigh…. long story short I got through it and passed, and lived to tell the story! :)) but perhaps this contributed to my dread and doom these last few days leading up to it yesterday.  So I did a bunch of research ahead of time and talked to my midwife, found out I needed to schedule my appointment early in the morning (because apparently your body processes things better early in the day), ate a protein full breakfast, may or may not have only drank 3/4 of the crap and away I went to my appointment.  I was determined to pass this time on the first try!!!………  and then I didn’t. 😦  So… it’s off to the 3 hour test next week…wish me luck!  Does anyone have any tried and true tips or tricks for me?!  PS – did you know that nearly 1/4 of women fail the 1 hour test, yet only 2-5% end up actually having gestational diabetes!?  UGH!

27 weeks



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