It’s been awhile… here’s what we’ve been up to!

Well hello there strangers!  It’s been awhile since my last post.  We’ve been pretty busy around here getting through the start of the holidays with the month of November and Thanksgiving, followed by my very favorite time of the year CHRISTMASTIME!  I decided I needed to set aside some time to reconnect with you all on here and fill you in on what’s new!

The biggest (and most exciting!) thing is the announcement we made to our friends and family at the end of October:



That’s right.. we’re pregnant… with a little BOY!

photo-11 10632862_10100112172776991_4967567708348590161_n

We’re so excited for him to make his arrival this spring.  My official due date is sometime the last week or so of March.  Although if he follows in his big sister’s footsteps, don’t expect him to be here until at least the last couple days of the month, if not the first part of April!!!  But, a girl can hope he’ll be on time, right?! (I don’t know what I say this, I know that he’ll arrive at just the right time for him, regardless of the date on the calendar!) 🙂

M is very excited to be a big sister!  She frequently talks to him in my belly, assumes anything blue is for “baby brother” and has even mastered saying his name.  She’s going to be such a big helper when he gets here!

So there you have it, my excuse for not blogging lately!  (it’s a good excuse, right?!) But seriously being pregnant while chasing after a 2-year-old and almost 5-month-old (I watch my niece during the day) wears a girl out!!  I can’t really complain though because other than a 7ish week bout of all day sickness (what’s this just in the morning business?!?!), I’ve been extremely blessed in that my pregnancy has been a breeze and has flown by so far!!!

So bring on the pregnancy posts, updates and baby bump pics!!

25 weeks



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