My Baby Is 2!

This past weekend we celebrated our sweet little girl’s second birthday!  I can’t believe how quickly these past two years have flown by and my baby has grown into a sassy, super smart, full of personality, sweet little girl.  These days it seems like everyday she learns something new or says something new – it’s such a fun age!

2-year-old M in a Nutshell

Favorite food: hotdogs, clementines

Favorite drink: it’s a close tie between apple juice and milk I would say (depending on her mood)

Favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Best friend: mommy 🙂 or gamma, daddy, papa….

Favorite past time: swinging, reading books, playing with puzzles

Nicknames: Pippy, Mina, Monkey (to Aunt Sissy)

Here are some highlights from her birthday party!



Happy birthday baby girl.  Mommy loves you more that you’ll ever know and I’m so proud of the little girl you are.  I thank God every single day for giving me you! ❤