It’s Been Awhile…Here’s What We’ve Been Up To!

Hi friends!!  So, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here!  We’ve been BUSY!!  Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to!

Baby Shower – my sister is having a baby!  She’s due next month so a couple weekends ago my mom, cousin and I threw a baby shower for her.  The theme was pink and gray chevron, a little shabby chic girly.  It turned out super duper cute!!  We had a great time with all the girls: family and friends, and my sister got tons of awesome gear!

PicMonkey Collage


VBS – last week at church we had VBS, or Vacation Bible School.  I volunteered in the nursery because M won’t go in there during church and I thought it might help her to get familiar with the room and kids her age.  Most nights we had around 7 or 8 little toddlers in there.  M had a blast!  She was so comfortable to run around and play the whole time (as long as I stayed in the room of course!).  It was great!

Swimming Lessons – So this week M started swimming lessons.  This technically isn’t her first experience with them.  Last spring, we enrolled her in a baby swim class through the local YMCA but she was pretty little and more or less we just held her while she splashed around.  This time is different.  The lessons are through the city swimming pool and she is actually able to attempt some of the tasks (ie. blow bubbles, use arms to make swimming motion, throw and retrieve diving sticks, etc.).  However, so far she hasn’t been a big fan.  😦  She loves to go swimming normally so I’m not really sure why she isn’t impressed with her swimming lessons.. maybe because they’re in the morning before it warms up and the water is freezing or maybe it’s because there are all kinds of kids all crowded around in the same area.  Whatever the reason, I’m hoping that over the next 2 weeks she warms up to the idea of them.  In the mean time, here are a couple of pictures that perfectly capture her feelings towards her swimming lessons!


IMG_0631 IMG_0633

Parade – Last Saturday we went to a local town’s summer festival.  M attended a couple parades last year, but this year she understood what was going on a little more (aka the whole candy thing…).  Although it took her a little bit to come out of her shell, by the end she was having a great time waving to the parade participants and retrieving her candy!  Afterwards we went to the carnival where she played a couple games and won herself a beach ball!

parade collage

Father’s Day – Lastly, this past Sunday we had a great day honoring the special dads in our lives!!  We started the day going out for Brunch just the three of us to celebrate my hubby.  Now there’s a dad who’s so in love with his little girl and is literally wrapped around her teeny tiny pinky.  What a lucky little girl!  After stopping by to visit my husband’s dad, we spent the rest of the day with my family, enjoying the weather, playing games and having a barbecue.  The boys even did a little off roading on the mini bike and my husband rode one for the very first time!!  I know that everyone thinks this, but I really do have the best dad ever.  Okay so he’s at least the best dad ever for me! 🙂  We are so blessed to have him in our lives and I thank God every day that I get to be he and my mom’s daughter.  And side note… he really is the BEST papa ever!



Well, there you have it!  My little update on our lives and what we’ve been up to!  In between getting ready for the shower, a killer ear infection that I had last week and VBS/swim lessons, I haven’t been able to make the time to write on here!  Hopefully I’ll be able to do better going forward…we’ve got some pregnancy related issues to discuss! 😉

Have a great rest of your week!





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