Friday Finds, Favorites and Fotos!

Surely it can’t have already been a week since last Friday’s post, can it?!  I guess so… because here we are with another Friday F post!!  Thinking back over the week I can’t really remember any big “finds” that stand out to me, so we’ll just jump right into my “favorites!”


  • As a former teacher, I’ve always been blessed to have a summer break from work.  For as long as I can remember I’ve had a list of “Summer Reads” aka books that I plan to read during my break from school.  The book that always tops this list is “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  I’m not really sure what it is about this particular book that makes me love it so much.  Perhaps it’s the fact that Frances Mayes (the writer) goes so in depth describing the Tuscan countryside that I feel a little like I can live vicariously through her (since I hate flying and it’s highly likely you’ll never find me on a plane going across the “pond” ahem to Europe…) or maybe it’s that she details her gardens, flowers and includes recipe after recipe that inspires this lover of nature and being outdoors, but whatever it is I feel like my summer can’t really start until I’ve read this book.  This year however, I’m reading her book “In Tuscany” as well.  This is basically a collection of thoughts and TONS of photographs documenting the various aspects of Tuscan life: La Piazza, La Festa (celebrations), Il Campo (the field), La Cucina (the kitchen) and La Bellazza (the beauty).  It’s a beautiful glimpse into the slow, food and family filled life of an Italian.  In my opinion it’s definitely worth checking out and has quickly become a favorite!



  • My front porch is my favorite place in (and out of) my house right now.  As previously established, I’m an outdoorsy girl.  Not so much the hiking, fishing, adventurous type, more the relaxing on the front porch/patio/gardening and planting flowers type.  It’s safe to say I create things to do outside just so that I can be out soaking up the sunshine (I come by this naturally by the way…my dad is the exact same way!)  Anyway, my favorite place to relax, spend nap time and watch M play is my front porch.  The flowers are all in bloom and I feel a little like I’m in a peaceful, zen garden oasis while sitting out there!


We’ve had some super duper beautiful weather this week which has meant lots of playing outside, walks to the park, a picnic and of course an ice cream date with Gamma and Papa (and Aunt Sissy and Uncle Guyger).  Here are some highlights with my favorite little girl:

photo 3 copy 11 PicMonkey Collage

{From left to right: 1st time eating spaghetti!!, picnic at the park, swinging at the park, blowing bubbles}

walk Collagephoto 2 copy 12 photo 2

{On the way home from the park the other night the lighting made for some really beautiful pictures!  Notice her obsession with running instead of riding in the wagon…this has resulted in both knees being scraped up this week… and with dandelions – she LOVES to pick these “flowers” and especially when she can blow the seeds all around.  I’m sure people just love us walking by their yard what with my little pollinator! :)}

Happy Friday!!  Have a blessed long weekend with your loved ones!




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