1 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

So I’ve been hearing about this ice cream that you can make with just one ingredient – bananas.  The first time I heard about it was on the Rachael Ray show several months ago, but more recently it’s been popping up on Facebook and Pinterest and the other day at the grocery store I even saw a Yonanas Maker – a special little banana ice cream machine!



Now I’ve never been a huge fan of bananas – they’re okay just not my favorite.  But, I decided that I’d give the ice cream a try – I mean it’s healthy so why not?!  The process of making the ice cream is suuuuper easy.  Literally all you do is chunk up bananas and freeze them.  Then stick them in the food processor (or if you’re real fancy a Yonanas Maker).  I added in a little vanilla extract for flavor – I’ve also heard of including peanut butter, other frozen fruit, cinnamon, etc.  Turn on the food processor until it’s smooth and creamy and that’s supposed to be it!

Here’s what I learned: don’t over freeze your bananas!! I left my bananas in the freezer for a couple days before making the ice cream..bad idea.  They literally turned into teeny tiny bits of frozen banana.. no creamy, smoothness about it!  It was kinda like the consistency of snow cone ice.  So of course I consulted Google and found out that you’re only supposed to freeze the bananas for a few hours.. who knew?!  So anyway, I let them sit in the food processor for a few minutes to melt and then had no trouble blending it smooth!!


My thoughts?  It actually wasn’t too bad!  The consistency (once I got it all figured out) was actually really good – more similar to frozen yogurt than ice cream though.  It was very banana-y (obviously!!) but a good treat for when you’re craving something sweet and want to trick yourself into thinking you’re having ice cream! 🙂

ice cream

My sister thought it would be better with chocolate or caramel sauce on it – I told her that defeats the point of it being good for you! Little M LOVED it!! Then again she loves bananas so that would make sense!   All in all, I’m glad I gave it a try!  However next time I do think I’ll add in some strawberries or I wonder if pineapple would work?  Or maybe peaches?  Hmm… looks like I have some fruit to freeze!



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