Eighteen Months!

Happy 18 months, Pippy-love!  I can’t believe that you’re already a year and a half old!  Where has the time gone!?!  You are such a happy, smart, fun little girl!  Here are some of your favorite things right now:

  • Helping unload the dishwasher/vacuum/sweep/dust… you like to clean! 🙂
  • Reading stories
  • Row, row, row your boat
  • Playing with your babies
  • Hanging out with Daddy and Papa on your special nights when Mommy’s working
  • Shopping with Mommy and Grandma (and Aunt Sissy and Uncle Buddy)
  • Being outside – although the weather hasn’t cooperated much lately
  • Mona kitty
  • “Fia” aka Sofia the First
  • Apple juice
  • Grapes/blueberries/clementines/apples/cheese

You’re not such a big fan of:

  • Sleeping all night…in your crib
  • Having your hair washed
  • When we won’t let you watch “Fia”
  • Being away from Mommy
  • Strawberries

These are some of the things you’re doing:

  • Talking… you repeat everything we ask you to and are saying all kinds of words and little phrases all by yourself!  More and more each day!  My favorites are when you say “bless you” when someone sneezes, “thank you” when someone gives you something and “more please, help please and open please” all without being prompted!
  • Using the potty!  Right now you mostly just go in the morning when you wake up and randomly throughout the day – you’re not too serious about it yet!
  • Running all over the place – sometimes it’s hard to keep up with you!!
  • Just yesterday you started walking down the steps all by yourself – not very confidently yet, but it’s still exciting!

Here you are at 18 months:


You are the reason for so many of our smiles.  Happy half-birthday!  Mommy and Daddy love you!

Today our baby girl is 18-months-old.  Today is also another special day – 2 years ago today was my due date for our first baby.  While I wish that we would have never have gone through the grief that accompanies losing a baby, I can’t imagine our lives without our little M.  I don’t know God’s plan for her, but I do know that there’s a reason why she’s on this Earth as our little girl and why our first baby is with Him in Heaven.  Isn’t His infinite wisdom amazing? Happy birth “due” date, little one.  We love you, too!


4 thoughts on “Eighteen Months!

  1. As I sit here with tears running down my face – going back and forth. Crying over the little one I miss who is rejoicing face to face with Jesus today – to the beautiful little one here who fills my life everyday with such joy – to my beautiful daughter whose gift of writing takes my breath away. Thank you Holly for your thoughts and the beautiful way you express things thru this blog. Love Mom

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